Eastbourne Homes

Project title – County and Irish Courts, External and Communal Area Repairs

What we’re appointed as – Design, Contract Administration and CDM Coordinator

Project Value – Circa £1,000,000

Brief Description – The County and Irish Courts are flatted blocks constructed post war and comprise balcony blocks. GDS were instructed to provide services for external repairs and communal area refurbishment. Our appointment for the construction project was preceded by an appointment to undertake surveys and prepare schedules of condition with estimated costs.

In Stage – In Defects

Project title – Ad Hoc Surveys

What we’re appointed as – Various

Project Value – Various

Brief Description – GDS have been instructed on over 50 projects during the last 24 months. Typically resulting from reported defects GDS have arranged access undertaken inspections, liaised with EHL and the resident and in some instances Leaseholders. We have arranged access and a range of specialist surveys including Thermographic Surveys, Relative Humidity Readings, Dew Point Calculations, Invasive Drilled Hydroscopic Moisture Readings & Remote Monitoring. Our findings have been collated and presented to the client in the form of reports and recommendations. On most occasions we have received subsequent instructions to specify and administer the recommended repairs.